Feature codes

Feature codes are numbers (for example *97) you can dial to trigger events or change the behavior of your IPBX.

Feature codes can be found in VoIP Services > Feature Codes. These codes can be modified if required, in order to emulate the behavior of the legacy PBX that users were used to deal with.

1. Call forward

Example: calling *72 from your phone will prompt you to enter a call forward number and will activate call forwarding to that number.

2. Bypass-Number

The Bypass feature codes allows you to quickly redirect the calls to an alternative direction, this will bypass the normal callflow. The Bypass can also be activated via the Web interface in the Number Manager.

3. Ring-Device

This feature is very useful if you have multiple devices associated to your user. Dialing the feature code allows you to select or deselect which device will ring when a call is made to your user. “Enable Exclusive Ring” will enable the device on which you have activated the feature code and disable all others.

4. Hot Desking

Hot desking allows users to travel to a remote location and to log in/out on any phone. When logged in, all calls to that user will be sent to the phone she/he is logged on. When the user calls, her/his caller-ID will be used. This feature is very useful for nomadic users with no dedicated phone (like sales reps).

To be used, Hot Desking must be activated in the advanced settings of the user.

Example: calling *11 + the hotdesking ID on a phone will log your user on that phone.

5. Login-Logout

The feature codes can be used in different ways :

Dial *21 / *22 to login or logout of all groups were you are present.
Dial *21 + group ID or *22 + group ID to login or logout from a specific group.

Note: The login-logout has also to be authorized in the group options before it can work for a specific group.

6. Miscellaneous

Example: calling *97 gets you to your voicemail (we strongly recommend not to modify this feature code as the VMail key on hard phones is automatically provisioned to that value).

Example: calling *8 followed by someone’s extension will pick up her/his ringing phone (we strongly recommend not to modify this feature code as call pickup on hard phones is automatically provisioned to that value).

Example: calling *9 allows you to record a media file from your phone. This media file can then be renamed and used in a call flow.

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