Before leaving

Things that you need to know/check for before you are able to plan/do the physical installation

1) Test Internet connection

  • 1 call = 100 Kbps (up & downstream)
  • Pay attention internal calls should also be taken into account!
  • If you have a lot of concurrent calls (incoming & outgoing calls) make sure the bandwidth of your Internet connection is enough
  • If your Internet connection is or will be shared between DATA network & VOICE network, it’s crucial to prioritize the VOICE traffic
  • If you are unable to prioritize the VOICE traffic you will have to foresee a dedicated Internet connection for your VOICE traffic only


2) Check if the DHCP pool is big enough for all phones
3) UTP cable for each phone
4) Check if power supplies are needed for the phones or if there is a PoE switch
5) Check if currently VLANs are used
6) Check if there are analog devices (fax, doorphone, alarm, etc…)
7) Follow router/firewall instructions @ Link to business-telephony/infrastructure/


List of materials that you always need to have with you when going on installation

1) Extra UTP cables of different lenghts
2) Cable tester
3) Kit with screwdrivers & other basic tools
4) Spare power supplies
5) Analog phone if you are installing an ATA

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